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For Better Or For Becky

If you want to know my personal of what became of Becky and Gerald in the last eight years since we saw them, I think that they're living a quiet, tidy life without really worrying about what John and Elly Patterson think of them. While they might joke with friends about John's vindictive fantasy about how 'turning her back on friends and fun leads inexorably to ruin and despair and being murdered with murder weapons by bikers', they don't honestly give much of a hoot because neither of them are especially ready to be pitied by boomer idjits who dare lament the fact that they don't meekly knuckle under and get enmeshed in Elly's family politics. While the April of today is aware of what really happened and what Becky really wanted, what high school senior April thought her frenemy wanted is poles apart from what she actually wanted because she got the same sort of biased information from approved sources that Liz got about Therese from a Mike who felt threatened by a girl girling up his sandbox. An honest accounting of Becky's wants and needs would thus look suspiciously similar to April's save for one entry:

Hate Sink: As long as Becky can remember, April has made no real secret of the fact that she believed deep down that just as she tried to 'steal' her pet rabbit by naming him Furgus, she would inevitably steal boyfriends and love and affection and everything and leave her to die alone and forgotten because that's the deal with being a Patterson: being a throbbing vortex of neediness and defeatism. Becky has by this point given up on getting her friend back but simply wants to point April to the real problem: having the sort of self-indulgent, negligent, uncaring, unfeeling and idiotic parents Butch Hartman created the show 'Fairly Oddparents' to castigate.
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