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Villain The Second: The Train Man.

To continue on with my look at how John and Elly would be the real villains of the Battle Of The Bands series if we were to follow the strip to any extent, we'd have to look at why he sits in parking lots grumbling about having to be there for his kids. What April won't realize until years later is that John was dead set against the idea of supporting his children's interests because of a really stupid pair of coincidences that led him to fear the embarrassment that he sees as being the worst thing ever. Because he couldn't record a pageant because no one thought to have back-up batteries for a flashlight Star of Bethlehem and because he got called on forgetting to remove a lens-cap, our idiot is sure that children only do things to expose him to the ridicule that's sure to destroy what he falsely believes to be a reputation second only to God's. This misplaced dread of public humiliation also goes a long way to explaining his discomfort with the idea of his little girl "parading around on stage like some sort of hussy"; simply put, the big stiff is trying really hard not to admit to himself that the women he ogles like the disgusting slob he is ARE someone else's little girl and he's a horrible person for objectifying them SO he hides behind a double standard of shielding himself from the truth.

The other interesting thing about his discomfort relates to why it was that Greg tossed Lawrence out of the house when he got bullied into outing himself too damned early because idiot Mike thought he was being laughed at. All the bios agree that Greg's real motive was to avenge the fact that poooooooor stupid Connie was upset. It would seem that in the Foobiverse, right and wrong took a back seat to settling down a stupid woman because her favourite illusion is going away. What this means is that it might have taken John thirty years to admit it but he's finally accepted that Elly wants to be seen more as a housewife. He thus sees it as his job to make her life easier at the expense of the children who don't realize how fragile and broken she is. Just as it doesn't matter how much homework April has or how cramped her living space might be because Elly needs to be coddled, he can't see the point of having the band upset Elly because April will get over the disappointment because unlike Elly and maybe Liz, April is tough enough to get over a little discomfort.

That being said, it's probably just starting to occur to the John Patterson of 2016 that he was a big swinging dick to his kids for a selfish and stupid reason. He can't do crap-all about it and he hates to admit it but there it is, ugly and stupid as he himself is. Being a dad is more than being a walking ATM that dispenses bad advice and his sordid, ridiculous failure at the one job he had is living in his old house writing bad novels, married to a spineless twerp who ain't going nowhere and living in Calgary not talking to him.
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