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On musical maguffins and endgames.

As I said in the potted bios, it's obvious that all the characters in the Battle of the Bands series would have different expectations of the end result. Although she doesn't realize it, April wants a sort of vindication to finally prove to inattentive parents that she was always worth paying attention to as well as to prove to Becky that she can't steal everything out of her life just because she's cuter and people like her better, Becky wants to end a career that doesn't fill the void on a high note and give her pal a clue by four about how insecure she is and how rotten her parents are, Gerald wants to put paid to a pointless row meant to enmesh his friends in John and Elly's family politics and the Pattersons want to rid themselves of a means of escape from sick fealty to two boomer assholes who confuse having to wait more than five seconds for the fulfillment of a desire with genuine sacrifice. It seems to me that no matter who wins the contest, only Becky and Gerald would get what they want in a world where right and wrong have their usual meaning. This is because April doesn't know what she really needs and John and Elly should not only be prevented from fulfilling their agenda, they should also become even more scorned than they presently are.

Since April wants the wrong thing for the wrong reason because she's got it in her head that her parents would actually become wonderful people instead of the fetid shits they are, she's going to end up having to love what she gets: a final reminder that Elly will always be filled with anger and hatred because she has to do things she doesn't want to like parent when she doesn't want to and John will always be a closed-minded jerk who jealously protects what little power he has. Since she can't have parents who don't see her as anything other than an imposition, she'll have to learn to love being a Candace or a Weed who loves being well away from them and their folly.

As for said worthless parents, since a new creator would have no loyalty to John or Elly, two old fools are finally going to get a hot steaming bowl of karma dumped in their laps. The man dumping said bowl would, I should think, be Becky's dad responding strongly in the negative to John's smug commentary about how Beckers is dressed as well as Elly's jealous idiocy as to how girls with dangerous body language seek out attention from slobbering vermin like John because the alternative is her being irrationally jealous of a victim of objectification by an assbucket who needs to be God-damned gelded in public with a pair of rusty garden shears. It's bad enough that they're lousy parents who resent having to parent or that John wastes his life playing with toys like the biggest, meanest and most selfish toddler ever or that Elly is a screaming maniac. Publicly shaming someone inoffensive because of what she's wearing is going to finally expose April to the ugly truth about ugly people who aren't worth her time.
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