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On not speaking to Lynn: Fiona as prototype.

As we know, when Lynn has no idea what to do with a character, she refers said person as not "speaking" to her owing to her conceit that the cart is somehow leading the creative horse. As she said recently, she'd wanted to get to 'know' Christopher but he didn't make a peep so eventually disappeared like smoke on the wind. The problem with her describing her inability to figure out what someone like him would want in such manner that a fictional construct is blamed for her not being able to figure out what to do with him is that it implies that said character DOES speak and says that Elly is an idiot.

As I said the last time this defect came up, John's cousin Fiona Brass seems to be the standard-bearer for the characters that she drops. Lynn clearly wanted to establish the woman as a thorn in Elly's side but couldn't quite do so in without somehow or other making Elly look bad. It's bad enough that when she 'spoke' to Beth Cruikshank, Fiona called Elly a fussy, passive-aggressive manipulator with an insane fetish for imposing ludicrous rules who was raising her children to be gullible, defenseless idiots who expected Mommy to come along and kiss all their booboos without Lynn starting to hear it as well. As it was before with other characters who didn't say anything, Fiona had to vanish because she said that Elly brings most of her trouble on herself and is also wrong about most everything.
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