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On unheard stories

Before I get to other characters who speak to Lynn only to say things that she doesn't want to hear, I'd like to talk about stories that she never really told. As we all remember, she made big promises for the new-runs that she never delivered on such as telling the real story of the Sobinski's move to Burlington. We can well imagine the horrible wailing about wanting to make herself happy and the horrible snarkertrolls who hate her and want to hurt her because that's what she thinks when she's told that she can't be awarded top marks for incomplete work that contradicts itself when she was told that she not only moved Deanna away in the stupidest manner possible, she'd done it too early.

Now, if someone competent who had enough pride to do it properly were to have handled the story, they would have made it quite clear that Mira is a different sort of sordid joke character: the domineering twit social climber who let her absurd chase for status and respectability break her relationship with her older daughter and bend it with the younger. The woman of the here and now probably looks back on her past with the same regret Lovey Saltzmann does owing to her prodding and pushing having no more results that children who don't trust her and peace of mind and happiness sacrificed on the heathen altar of social standing.

Said better, more patient author would also make it quite clear that Deanna is still too busy being mad at having to jump through hoops because of her mother's very real fear of being laughed at and referred to by any of the English language's fine ethnic slurs directed at Eastern Europeans to see her mother not as a monster trying to devour everything in sight but as fleeing a larger predator. This testy withholding of empathy would probably color how she explained her past to her children and how her finally forgiving Mike for letting the Guys influence his behavior was delayed fifteen years because her mother stepped all over a relationship being a big shot and ruining her health and everyone else's lives chasing an evil distracting star that kept her from the good life of being the happy wife of a humble tradesman.
Tags: evil mira, the dreaded hybrid, untold stories

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