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Georgia The Voiceless.

The interesting thing about the book "The Lives Behind The Lines" is that while Lynn manages to talk about how Molly "came back to the light" and how Deanna came back into Mike's life, what she still doesn't do is say much more about Georgia than she did in Phil's Liography. We still don't know much more about her than a vague description of her family background. To someone used to this conceit Lynn has that the characters speak to her, it is almost as if Lynn doesn't especially want to hear what she has to say.

Sadly, this seems to be the case owing to the need Lynn and Elly have to see Georgia not as a person in her own right but as a plot device whose function is to drag Phil kicking and screaming to maturity. Knowing her birth name and getting too detailed about her past before Phil would tend to perhaps draw attention away from the Patterson family and that simply cannot be allowed.
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