dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The Confrontening: A conversation told in flashbacks.....

There's a nasty little habit that Lynn has gotten into over the last few years: telling her stories as flashbacks. Back when 'For Better or For Worse' was one of the bright spots on the comics page, she'd start a story line and then follow it through to its proper conclusion. Recently, she's been jumping from one plot thread to the other merely because she's in an irrational rush to show us some other part of the Patterson's collective lives. This means that we have to play catch-up all the time thereby forcing us to watch two people sitting down and telling us about something important that we missed while we were watching Shannon standing on a table or Elly shrieking at pets or something. This, sadly, seems to be what we can expect next week as Liz tells Anthony about her conversation with Thérèse. We will, of course, have to endure an unjustifiably smug she-nitwit's obliviously self-serving and irrational interpation of events being agreed to by a shallow, manipulative narcissist and to have their demonization of a sitting duck validated by people who angrily refuse to think about what they're seeing. Too bad knowing about an atrocity beforehand doesn't make it hurt any the less.
Tags: flashback fever, lynn versus the real world

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