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The untold story of Greg's first marriage.

As we all know, Molly Thomas's story is so heartbreakingly easy to tell, it's not even funny. Connie might not have realized that she told Elly everything she needed to know about her stepdaughter and the woman she replaced at the time but when she said that the mother Molly held out as an ideal hadn't been seen or heard of in two years, it's somewhat obvious that Molly wanted to see something that wasn't there: a viable marriage and a flawless parent kept from her by a selfish father and cruel step-mother. The way she saw it, accepting Connie and Milborough meant that accepting that the perfect family she yearned for would never return and, well, probably wasn't all that perfect to begin with. While Molly will probably always see Milborough as a grotesque stain on the map because of the Patterson family, she started to accept Connie as a presence in her life after she and Gayle realized that they made the same mistake Anthony did: preferring an image to a reality. Seeing their birth mother as the flawed human being she actually was and learning what it was that made her go away for as long as she did cured them of dumping all of the blame on their dad. As I said earlier, they now see Connie for what she is: a human shield meant to keep them angry at anyone but the dad who made things worse by not telling them a painful truth.

The interesting thing about this is trying to figure out what made her spend around five years of her life having a very long me day. While it never occurred to Lynn or anyone based on her to ask why she was away for so long and what the Hell she could have done to ensure that Greg got uncontested custody, it's a question I would have immediately asked if I were Connie if only for survival purposes. Understanding what Greg sees as a relationship killer is something that's a fairly high priority so for her to just blindly accept that his first wife just happened to run away for no reason that needs talking about falls nicely under the category of very stupid things. Then again, no one ever accused Elly or Connie of having anything like a self-preservation instinct. 
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