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Elly Patterson: Bad Will Ambassador.

As we all know, we're about three months away from another of Elly's attempts at becoming the public face of Milborough when she becomes the Thomas family's welcome wagon. The problem is that when Elly tries to become a spokeswoman for something, it almost always leads to all sorts of mischief. From how her incessant nagging and whining about how much work her family wants her to do not doing work in a way Marian would approve of leading to them becoming slobs to her public role in making the masses yearn to see the Old Town Hall Theatre get firebombed to keep the terrorists from winning, when Elly tries imposing her vision of the world on the world, the result is an ugly mess that achieves the exact opposite of what she wanted to accomplish.

We'll see that in the coming months and years when Molly Thomas-Whatever thinks of a banal, generic suburb where she could have lived a reasonably pleasant life as being Hell on Earth because she mentally associates it with a pompous nitwit housewife and her smirking goof son. Molly started off on the wrong foot with the whole damned town because she spent her first summer there feeling sorry for herself because as far as she knew, that horrible woman who wanted to come in and take over and make her forget her real mother hoodwinked dear old dad into being a dear old sucker and move away from her home so she could drink coffee with some horrible old witch who also talked down to her. Things got worse when said horrible persons's horrible son talked the neighborhood kids into spying on her like she and her feelings were nothing more than a freak show. She couldn't date another disaffected youngster without THAT WOMAN and HER FRIEND getting Daddy to also panic and she couldn't wait to leave the horrible town of exile where even her own sister wanted her to embrace the monster woman next door who clearly wanted to her to admit that her real mother should die forgotten and alone.

As I said, this is because she had yet to realize that her real mother would have probably done exactly what Connie did for exactly the same reasons. If her parents were actually compatible, she would still have had to deal with an inflexible curfew, trivialization of her feelings and having some huffy bitch adult backing her parents' play and trying to win over her kid sister. She can thus forgive Connie and admit that yes, she should have given her a chance when it mattered. What she can't do is forgive a town that produced a whining invertebrate who subjected someone she's starting to see as a brother to all sorts of torment because Mikey Girl made boom-boom in his diaper and started ranting about how Lawrence was playing a big trick on him and trying to make a fool of him by not wanting to get kicked outta his house for being gay. I'd hate a town like that like fire because as of this writing, Mike still doesn't seem to notice what a gutless and ridiculous traitor he is. All she does see is him on the news hawking a terrible book as his failure of a mother looks on with pride.
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