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On blowing the wad and traveling and the Settlepocalypse.

Now, to get to a sort of point about what Lynn thinks is happening in her own strip, let's examine Jim and Marian's reaction to Phil's wedding. As we'll see this August, the idea of her little boy growing up and leaving the nest upsets Marian a lot. Still, despite her wondering where the time went, she tells Elly that all parents look to the day when their children grow up and take their places in society as autonomous adults. Jim thought-bubbles why this is when he tells himself that he and Marian no longer have to worry about taking care of the kids any longer and can finally pursue their own interests.

The reason that I mention this is that for some reason, Suddenly Fatter Than She Was In Life Ghost Marian shows up during the preparation to the hand-off from John and Elly to Liz and Anthony in order to sanctify the teal-and-lavender horror by her presence. This image of a gaseous vertebrate smiling as her granddaughter grows up, puts aside silly adventure and prepares to pop out kids for a clueless asshole with entitlement issues who holds her in contempt just like Elly did serves to sanctify not only the horrible behaviour only silly Martians and evil snarkertrolls who hate love and good things and faith and fate have a problem with, it also has Marian finally admit that yes, it's a good thing that Elly dropped out of school to service a goober who treats her like an appliance. This means that by extension, all things that Elly did were good and Marian should have admitted it and let Elly be happy instead of wanting her to do more and be unhappy.
Tags: phil gets married, settlepocalypse

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