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The other reason why Georgia has no identity.

The interesting thing about Georgia is that in the book "The Lives Behind The Lines", Lynn flat-out says that she WANTED to visit Elly's sister-in-law's past but there simply was not enough time to do so. She had a vague idea that she was a medical professional of some description and seemed to have family in Westmount and at some point, she'd get around to talking about that in depth but, hey, strips that have kids being cute are like strips about whining about zits and Elly complaining about how fat and old and ugly she suddenly became, oh, no, John is WRONG when he says that she's always been down on herself in that they don't write themselves.

The reason why she does this seems to have been more or less explained by her off-the-hand comment in the Please-Love-Anthony whingefest when she explains that for someone to be fully realized, he or she needs a house, a style and a car. What she left out is that said person also needs something else: a supporting cast. For Georgia to be more than a foil for Phil or someone to feed Elly straight lines, there would have to be Georgia people in the strip and, well, that just wasn't going to happen.

After all, for there to be Georgia people, Lynn would have to keep track of them and that would be too much like having to do a book report about a big, thick novel and that would be no fun at all. I mean, it's bad enough some people wanted there to be John people and to have John's story to be more than "big dumb immature guy with control issues who holds Elly in barely disguised contempt" when the focus was supposed to be on Elly and the kids without adding more complexity and subtracting the happiness from the process.
Tags: no need for cast herds

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