dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The repentance of Mira Sobinski: a warning...

Here we are with another Christmas dinner at the Patersons. It would seem at first blush that we'd be in for another Yuletide proposal, that Anthony would interrupt the festivities by making John, Elly and Elizabeth's dreams come true by slipping an engagement ring on the Great White Goof's finger. If we have to endure that horror, we can take the minor consolation that at least Lynn is moving that particular plot forward instead of waiting to pick it up when she feels like continuing it like she has so many times before. The temptation to jump to another thread might, however, be too great. In that instance, we could well, as howtheduck said, see their final confrontation with Mira Sobinski. As we all know, she's feared and hated because the Pattersons believe she wants to run Mike's life, that she doesn't think that he's good enough a provider. We may have to steel ourselves to endure a different Christmas 'miracle' as we are forced to bear witness to her grovelling for Pattersonian forgiveness. Watching her validate her daughter's smug ingratitude, her refusal to accept help that comes from love instead of the need to control is not something I'd want to see on a full stomach. But then, I'm not a Foob.
Tags: evil mira, fifties icon deanna, ogres are us, one big oblivious family, sinner: repent!

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