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The unknown husband

As I said yesterday, Georgia isn't the only person whose back story really doesn't much interest Lynn or Elly much. While I know I might get accused of going a bit too far by the analogy I'm about to make, I sometimes think that Elly has an awful lot in common with The Joker when she thinks about the people around her. Just as Mister J looks at a woman who saw him as a sort of really crappy boyfriend she's sort of ambivalent about and thinks of her as "woman with Bronx accent whose sole purpose is to open doors and make Batsy angry", Elly looks at Georgia and sees her solely as "person whose job it is to civilize my kid brother when my parents failed." Nothing else about her matters so knowing her past or what Georgia REALLY thinks about her and her family is not something that is deemed necessary because it doesn't serve Elly's overriding purpose of getting her mother to publicly approve of how she lives her life while at the same time admitting that she so is the boss of Phil.

The reason that I mention this is that she married a man whose sole purposes are "provide her money, appliances and status" and "back her up with the kids." It doesn't matter if he holds her in mild contempt, has no clue as to what makes her feel so lost and angry all the time, whines like a spoiled, sulking infant when his authority is challenged or hides away from his family for fear of looking in the mirror and seeing the bad guy. According to her, he materialized out of the ether for the sole purpose of giving Marian something to brag about and also making a mere traveling musician like Phil look like the failure she wants him to be. Knowing what his interests are, who his past loves were or anything other than his last name is too much damned information because it doesn't serve any useful purpose.
Tags: blind spot theatre

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