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Georgia and her people

The problem, of course, with Elly's studied indifference to Georgia's past is that she's setting herself up for a rather humiliating incident. As we know, Robin has always had problems with his ears and will require the services of an audiologist. As we know (and Elly does not), Georgia is an audiologist. While it would be simpler and more true to life to have her stumble over an apology and claim temporary amnesia when Georgia offered to do a free consult at the Settlepocalypse, what I have in mind is much more entertaining.

Let's assume that she's placed in a situation where she was the only one available to take Robin to the clinic. Let's also assume that she happened to find a really old brochure that has a Georgia Watson that's on staff being mentioned as an up-and-comer in the field. We'd be left with her at the very least trying (and failing) to convince herself that she'd learned both of these things despite never as such asking and realizing that she might have made a mild but harmless faux-pas. At the most, she'd make a passive-aggressive swipe at her sister-in-law for being so close-mouthed back in the day and so touchy in the here and now with her hurtful comment about how long it took someone to actually ask someone what her full name was and what she did for a living. What we wouldn't get is an admission that Elly's so focused on the useless goal of trying to get a woman who thought that the least bit of praise thrown her way would immediately cause her beloved child to give up on life and die in her own filth to admit she should have made her feel as if she was good enough to be her daughter to care about trivia like an in-law's past.
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