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On being the last to know.

Of course, there IS a rather sizable problem with that delicious little scenario in which Elly's ignorance of Georgia is publicly exposed. Since the Pattersons live in something a lot like the real world, we have to contend with the fact that it's pretty much a given that it's falsely assumed by everyone involved (especially Georgia) that Elly actually does know what her sister-in-law's birth name and profession actually are. Such a scenario would occasion Elly's being baffled by Michael's off-hand comment about now, no, they aren't going to drive to Montreal to get the family discount and wondering which relation on which side is an audiologist in Montreal. This might tempt her to ask Phil about the problem but, well, she's still vaguely upset that she couldn't glom on to the damned pump organ to talk to him.

The end result of her discovery of who Georgia really is and what she does would thus not cause her to reflect on her living her life in a fog of incuriosity and willful blindness. If she should comment on the fact, it would probably be assumed that something she's known for years had slipped her mind because she doesn't usually have her hearing checked. This means that we're dealing with a relatively benign version of a phenomenon that will cause all sorts of mischief: Liz finally being told about the wedding for heart and the one for show. As I've said before, she'd be less angry at taking part in a scam and more angry about being 'deliberately' shut out by people who thought that she knew what was going on. In this instance, we'd be dealing with Elly wondering if she was losing it when she never had it to begin with.
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