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The Pattersons as seen by an evil career woman.

Now that it's been more or less eight years since the Fauxposal, I'd like to take a look at something else that the Pattersons aren't especially curious about: how Therese sees them as a group and why they do the irritating and hurtful things they do. As we know, she first became aware of the Patterson family when Anthony talked about his harmless meeting with an old friend. The more he tried to defend this blonde person, the more Liz looked like one of the predatory women that her dad cheated on her mom with. Imagine her horror on discovering that someone playing the part of the over-grown high school girl in order to cozen men into supporting her really was someone who was just fifteen and a bit. The obvious implication of his longing for someone who looked as if she'd gotten lost on her way to Home Room is that Anthony sort of wanted a passive doll to play house with. My guess is that by now, she's sort of figured out what made Liz that way: wanting to please her parents. I also think that she sort of pities Liz sometimes because that's a mug's game.

While she has met Elly and her mother's issues and her need to have things just so in order to prevent Marian from emerging from the grave and calling her a failure and a disappointment, it would seem that Elly is only half of the picture. Someone she's never met so far as I'm aware of would have to loom large to Therese as being the driving force behind the destruction of her marriage. From Anthony's boss singing the praises of the family that has his nuts in a vice to Liz's brother making arch comments that reveal that he's made of Mommy Issues, it occurs to her that pretty much every person who'd ever made her feel like an evil interloper who should be ashamed of herself for daring to take their teal-and-lavender utopia away is an extension of the will of Liz's manipulative jerk dad who seems to think that Milborough is Westeros. She's never met John face to face but she realizes that by now, the man clearly hates the idea that she can come in and mess up his screw-ball vision of the true and good. If she's been eating her Wheaties, she might even realize that someone who poses as a commanding figure is little more than something I grew up referring to as a great big sookie baby whining when people try to take his ba-ba away from him.
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