dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The very interesting problem of Janice Madigan.

The interesting thing about the on-site biographies is not that as a general rule, we have a sensitive soul being crushed by Self-Righteous Patriarch and his accomplice Wife Who Traded Her Decency For THINGS And Status only to be rescued by the Sainted Patterson Family from whom all blessings flow. The interesting thing is that the Janice Madigan wanted to set up as a foil for Elly has all but forgotten who Elly is. By now, Milborough is simply a distant and vaguely troubling memory concerning this one kid who had a really bossy and angry mother who didn't actually seem to like kids at all and certainly didn't approve of anything like fun. On those minutes she does vaguely call to mind the maniac with the obsession with sweeping her back porch like someone's actually keeping score, she ascribes it to the depressing phenomenon of someone who shouldn't have had kids thinking she had to.

The reason that I mention is that that while she only sort of remembers an angry hindrance to playtime and excitement, it's fairly obvious that Elly's ability to focus on slights and inconveniences and thus to hold grudges for decades means that she's still angry at this kid for getting Mike wound up and for chasing Farley around and generally exposing her to the terrible spectre of actually having to wonder what Mike is doing when she isn't looking at him. How dare this thing come along and make her realize that Mike isn't going to stand around like a block of granite when she isn't thinking about him and how dare she leave for parts unknown before she can get her own back.
Tags: elly also lives in a world of demons, elly on her cross

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