dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

On actually thinking that children ask to be born.

Of course, the real problem with April is not that in any real universe, she'd be having a rather depressing life being compared unfavorably to her idiotic drudge sister and lottery winner brother. The real problem is that we're dealing with a bunch of idiots who sort of think that she arrived when she did in order to inconvenience them all. It's probably futile to try to convince stupid people that no, there isn't a connection between a run-of-the-mill Alberta clipper dumping ice, sleet and snow on their stupid heads and closing roads to the hospital and the arrival of a child at home like farmers and poor people.

After all, Elly's cathartic poem of "I'll write a passive-aggressive pile of crap poem about sleepless nights attending to a colicky baby instead of beating it to death" reminds us that we are dealing with a very stupid and angry woman who doesn't understand that babies can't not react to pain and discomfort just so some overgrown five-year old who wanted a REALLY fancy doll she could put away when it became a bother can get some sleep. Assuming April was sitting in there consulting the weather forecast so as to determine the best time to make everyone's life worse is just par for the stupid course.

What makes things worse is that she's got an idiot husband who feels as if his peers think less of him because April wasn't born in a hospital like normal, said bovine twit sister who resents having to have ben her primary caregiver and said louse older brother who's still wetting himself when he has to remember being exposed to childbirth. Since the inconvenience of having a sister so much younger than they are is compounded by the melodramatic entry of said sibling, they too think that Family Guy is a documentary.
Tags: one big oblivious family

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