dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Phil's role in the wedding.

As we know, we have to contend with a lot of whining from Phil for the next four or five months about how awful the change in his life is going to be owing to his not really being able to handle any sort of loss of control over a situation especially well. He sees himself as the victim of some sort of plot to take his happiness away while the rest of the world sees another chump who doesn't like having to eat his spinach. It would be bad enough for Alan if this were the only stereotype he was supposed to have been but it wasn't.

What we also have to contend with is three months more of his having to have it explained to him that weddings can't simply be thrown together like a really special kegger unless you're Mike and Deanna trying to keep Pushy Ethnic Monster Mother Mira at bay. Not only does he panic like a fool when told about invitations, floral arrangements, china patterns and colour schemes because they represent his becoming miserable and tied down like Elly and his folks, he's also a big idiot who has to be spoon-fed common sense. Eventually, he thinks he's too smart to rent a moving truck and gets himself into a war because he doesn't understand the 'right' way to do things. Thus did Alan have to read about Phil and do a slow burn watching his avatar be a sitcom moron and thus did he have to endure the 'It's only real and only matters when I'm being praised' speech from Lynn.
Tags: phil richards: yapping ignoramus

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