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The movable least

As we know, Lynn's response to the fact that Easter tends to move around on the calendar is to shift strips to where it actually occurs that year. After this year, it means that if the reprints are still an ongoing concern, we'll have to contend with the Easter Sunday strip trading places with another one. This year, though, happens to be the last year in which the story arc itself is derailed by having to deal with chocolate bunnies instead of wedding plans and John whining like a five year old because Elly likes the idea of taking dancing lessons. As howtheduck reminded us, we should have spent last week dealing with "Phil can't handle the stress of his 'freedom' going away so Georgia has to slam him down hard" and this week was supposed to transition from "Phil and John don't understand how much effort goes into weddings leading into Mike being an ass to Lizzie" while the Easter strips themselves were supposed to follow another example of Michael blaming everyone but himself and his poor study habits for his bad grades. What this means is that at some point in April, Mike's whining that Elly should carry him all the way will be followed by Phil whimpering about his freedom going away.

Heh. Odd how that worked out, wasn't it? When I sat down to type this, I'd thought that whoever rearranged the strips did so in a manner that made a hash of the story. Instead, we have Mike filled with gloom because his unreasonable teacher and cruel mother don't give him a free ride in a chauffeured limousine followed by Phil losing his mind because the idea of committing to something makes him feel like the victim of a plot to make him a miserable slave. We can call it "White Male Fragility On Parade." Also, nothing gets to interrupt Elly losing her mind because the Paula who I'm half-convinced wound up named Candace because Lynn won't keep notes gots earrings and nylons and that means Lizzie will be allllll grooooown and Elly will be olllllld and deeeeead before she ever liiiiiiived.
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