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Deanna versus the wedding machine.

The irritating thing about this current wedding arc is that it has something not quite true to life. Said not five inches from reality thing that makes things absurd is that Georgia's mother isn't busting the door to the Pattermanse down with a battering ram and asking Elly where she gets off planning her daughter's wedding when that's supposed to be her job. You see, in the real world, a wedding is usually the mother of the bride's chance to take centre stage and show the world what she's made of. This means that 'future sister-in-law playing power games because of some unacknowledged need to jam her thumb in her mother's eye for telling her no' is supposed to sit down, shut up and keep her opinions to herself.

The reason that I mention this is that in about twelve or thirteen year's time, we get to see Lynn really show us why it is that she makes a point of showing us that Elly was right and good to sit back and let Liz make an ugly farce of her wedding ceremony when Deanna comes into view pouting and moaning about how simply awful it is that her terrible, cruel mother who is too in love with her status to be human and accommodating dares to have any sort of opinion. This is because Deanna was the stand-in for Lynn during that particular arc reacting strongly in the negative to the fact that her mother took offense to her treating a solemn occasion like some great big party. I should think that the angry phrase "I'm the one getting married, not you" that always seemed to be on the tip of Deanna's tongue was something Lynn actually said at one point owing to her not really wanting to especially get how things work in this world.

What this aversion to being told that she had to do things that bored her and made her not quite the center of things translated into is the constant hammering away at the tiresome theme that having to be involved in planning a wedding is this big, horrible thing you should be glad to escape. People can tell her to her face that to be not included is a sign that you're not especially loved until the Earth falls into the Sun but her hatred of being told what to do and when to do it will always win out over common sense.
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