dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

A teal-and-lavender quandary.

Now, to continue merrily on with my look at how the way the Pattersons do not realize that the way they behave might be taken the wrong way is, as I have said, Elly's relative absence from planning Liz's wedding. While the Pattersons themselves might congratulate themselves on assigning most of the work to Liz thereby sparing the public from a dictatorial mother of the bride who forgets who's the one getting married, what they do not realize that to a lot of the guests, Elly looks like a figure of pity because her own daughter was so angry at her for some unknown reason that she cut her out of the planning process.

This leaves us with the question of whether Elly knows why all of those people came up to her afterward and told her how bad they felt for her or if she assumes that Phil must have been too chatty about what happened to Jim. I personally tend to assume the latter because, as I said, Elly seems to have resented the very little input her mother did have and is proud of herself for looking like what a lot of people cannot help but see as someone who had her child turn her back on all the love in her mother's great big heart. Even if she were aware that most people are baffled that she volunteered to be reduced to eyewitness, she's baffled by their bafflement.
Tags: freefloating commentary

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