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Give like Santa, Save like Scrooge: Canadian Advertising Icons.

Given all this talk about Lynn thinking that she has what it takes to run an ad agency, I'd like to talk to you about something that a lot of Americans don't know about: Canadian Tire. While it did start out as simply a tire store, it's expanded over the last eighty or ninety years into something you just don't have in the States. They sell tires, they sell auto parts, they sell sporting goods, they sell leisure products, they sell tools, they sell pots, pans and cutlery, they sell gardening supplies, they sell housewares, through their subsidiary Mark's, they sell clothing and they even sell light home electronics. As such, one would expect that a company with the hold it has on the market would have something of an advertising presence.

Said presence currently consists of having a man playing the part of an associate demonstrating how a product works in extreme conditions; he did so by having a heavy-duty car battery successfully start a truck made out of ice and by shoving a truck filled with in-store brand power tools down a cliff to show off their durability. In the past, though, they used to have a campaign ever Christmas season that had Santa and Scrooge debate whether it was the wide selection or low prices that made Crappy Tire such a great place to shop for Christmas gifts with that tag line in I put in the header. Also, there used to be the so-called Canadian Tire Couple who, well, stood around boring the neighbours by showing them the great stuff they just bought down at Ukrainian Tire. The two of them bore such a similarity to the Pattersons that it seems something of a lost opportunity that we aren't still seeing John and Elly hawking patio furniture, rain gutters, compact fluorescent lighting and winter tires.
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