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Given the ad agency concept, assume what Elly thinks of April's destiny.

There's a good reason that I mentioned Crappy Tire yesterday. That's because (as we know) Mike and Liz's career paths have taken the direction they have because Lynn has a sort of wish list in her head that's more important than what makes sense for the characters. This results in Mike being a very lucky mediocrity of an author because Lynn has this daydream that she can actually write something people might like to read and Liz is an incompetent teacher because Lynn wants to show us that a 'good' teacher coddles a selfish discipline problem who thinks (s)he's too good to be bothered doing things (s)he finds boring while at the same time leaving too-good-to-be-true kids who make the favoured vandal feel bad by being smarter and actually willing to learn wither on the vine.

April is something of an anomaly owing to her being groomed to be a sort of mascot for Guelph's veterinary medicine program. From what I've been given to understand, she would eventually have become a sort of avatar for the university had the strip continued. The problem with that is that being a veterinarian is no longer acceptable owing to Beth being on Team Rod because she objected to the slipshod way Lynn pissed away her chance to become an author of kids' books. This would sort of mesh rather nicely with Elly wondering why April would waste her time doing something she herself could not use.

What this means is that if Lynn actually had the stamina to do the long-promised Tome Of Destiny, it would be found that April would have been somehow directed to study advertising owing to Lynn's belief that she could somehow have turned the Pattersons into pitchmen for things despite her ineptitude at same. About the only time they were actually used in an ad campaign was about a few years after Bestest Present for a now-defunct chain store. As I recall, John is boasting about the thoughtful gift he gave Elly and Mike is pointing out that he bought her a garbage disposal when she wanted the bling in the ad.

This perhaps would have been enjoyable in a rather dark way as we would have once again seen the messy result of a collision between what Lynn thinks should be happening, what really happens and her refusal to admit that she doesn't really know what she's talking about and also is too in love with creative control to accept useful advice that would have actually made the characters into icons. If she hadn't been such a prickly idiot, John and Elly would have ended up becoming the Canadian Tire Couple.
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