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Educational Television, April and Us.

The very interesting thing about the characters is that not only could they have been used as mascots for products (John and Elly for Canadian Tire, Jim for an insurance company or Life Alert, Liz for a jewelry store, Mike for Preparation H, April for acne cream and so on and so forth) or causes (Elly for mammograms, Mike for fire safety, Liz for a take-back-the-night campaign, John for dental health and so on and so forth), someone who knew what she was about could base an educational program on the characters.

As by way of example, there is this one strip that has April come away with the mistaken conclusion that her teacher is trying to trick her and make a fool of her when invoking the rule for silent e. The punchline is all about how she still thinks that since the letter 'a' is said ayyyyyyy, it ALWAYS makes an ayyyyy sound and that there should be a different letter for the 'a' in hat, cat and past. This could be used as a launching-pad for a program that gets her past thinking like a spelling reform enthusiast and embracing the system that can't really be removed no matter how inefficient it's said to be.

Of course, the reason that it stood no real chance of happening is that we're dealing with someone who insists that she spells and parses sentences correctly despite that not actually being the case. Having a show dedicated to having someone admit error and thank people for pointing it out is thus going to be anathema.
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