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Jumpup Two: Electric Boogaloo.

Of course, there's a very good reason that isn't just that Lynn doesn't like to invent 'unnecessary' characters that would have prevented her from any sort of close look at John's past. We know that she isn't really fond of anyone who distracts people from the core premise of having Elly struggle constantly with her unrewarding life of being taken for granted by unappreciative people who will only ever decide that maybe she should have been praised and complimented decades after she's dead and the payoff of having Liz lather, rinse and repeat the same damned mess of a life to somehow sanctify the stupidity.

The reason that John's past is not really ever going to be told is that, as I've said before, it might tend to explain him and we're dealing with a woman who mistakenly thinks that if you explain a person, you forgive that person. We know that's nuts because explaining that Jeremy wanted to beat the holy living shit out of April because he was reminded that his daddy went away doesn't make him any less of a crazy, violent idiot. Explaining that John demands obedience because he feels weak isn't going to make him any more tolerable a person any more than explaining why he confuses "being a craven coward hiding away from his family when engaging them might get results" with "being a neutral observer" would. To know where he comes from wouldn't suddenly make him a figure of pity. It might even make him a better antagonist if we knew what he was rebelling against.
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