dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Don't do us any favours, Train Man

To continue merrily on with my theory that understanding John makes him a better foi is that the irritating thing about his less appealing acts is that when he does them, he actually seems to believe that he's doing the victim of his aggression a great big favour. The template for this is his steadfast refusal to consider letting Elly work out of the home. While he couldn't help being a lot self-serving, he honestly thought that he was being this great guy protecting his poor wife from the cruel, cruel labour force and providing her a safe, happy alcove that would take no time to clean and so on and so forth. His need to think that he was married to a very different woman and his belief that hormones were what made her see the place as a jail were what kept him from admitting why she wanted to shove his generosity up his ass. To do that would be admitting that no, Elly isn't crazy and wrong to not want a damned socket set for Christmas just because HE thinks it would be a great gift.

This need of his to think that giving someone else a gift he would like is the height of generosity also seems to be why it is that he sent his kids to Exile Farm. While Elly was trying to step on relationships, John seems to have wanted to be a farmhand by proxy by sending his kids to a swell farm filled with sensible people who knew what was up and so on and so forth. Hell, he even made April move to the Tiny Train House because he thought it would be great for her to live in the smaller space he liked because it would save Elly some time cleaning. Hmm. I wonder if John has ever heard of Parkinson's Law. Probably not because if we were to see them right now, he'd be baffled that despite downsizing, Elly still spends most of her time busily cleaning because he doesn't realize that she'd spent most of her day doing chores if they lived in a linen closet.
Tags: explaining john, john fails parenting forever

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