dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

On not really wanting to know things about John.

Now, to get back to this irritating need John has of doing people favours that they don't want, I should think that most of what propelled his desire to expose Liz and April to feeling bored, confused and unwanted as he bombed through the Prairies visiting old friends and relatives and cleverly avoiding pointless wastes of time that weaker people call "somewhere a thirteen year old kid might actually want to be" is that he thought he was helping her by teaching her the family history. Since he's stupid as crap and refuses to understand how children think because it would probably make him the bad guy most of the time, he sat around wondering WHY she was so ungrateful that she did nothing but complain about feeling like an awkward fool being castigated and called dumb for not identifying with a past before she existed.

What she didn't know is that she had an unspoken ally in Elly. Since Elly is nothing if not self-directed, her own lack of curiosity as to John's family history has a lot in common with Liz's hatred of visiting older relatives and feeling like an outsider because she can't relate to their shared stories. Simply put, Elly doesn't actually want to know about a past that doesn't have her in it. After all, if there is ONE Patsy O'Connor to compare her to, there could be a bunch and one of them might have smelled right and that would make her own life not what anyone needs and that would be awful. The only reason she never said anything to John's face is the same reason she didn't put a stop to this "CHEE!!! I didn't know that I'd raised a PRINCESS!!" bullshit right the Hell off: her need to keep John in the dark as to what's going on until it's too late for his image to be salvaged.
Tags: explaining elly as well, explaining john

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