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On preserving a mystique.

Of course, keeping John in the dark so as to avoid his coming along and probably undermining her is not the only agenda Elly is serving. She also doesn't want the kids to really think of John as being much like them because knowing more about him than she does might force her to confront the terrible idea that it's okay to have a past without her in it. You start doing something like that and next thing you know, Georgia's mother is planning her wedding and Liz is marrying someone she isn't familiar with. It's worth it to keep the kids from seeing John as being more than a reproving moron who says no and utters threats to children he doesn't actually know if it keeps him from actually getting to know his kids and putting paid to her own daffier behaviour.

What we should note is that it also serves his own agenda as keeping him from interacting with the kids when it's not fun keeps him from having to confront a problem that's hampered him all of his life: the fact that he's a terrible judge of character who takes years to see past surface impressions or through psychological defense mechanisms. As by way of example, Elly pegged Doctor Ted as a momma's boy the second she laid eyes on him. Anyone with a functioning brain would. It took John thirty years to come up with this chunk of the blazingly obvious:

His mom had finally passed away. I'd never seen him so humble. There was always a jaunty arrogance about him, but he was depressed, overwhelmed and in need. I had no idea he considered me one of his closest friends. He wanted to talk, so I put down what I was doing and listened. At the age of 54, the loss of his mother has left Dr. Ted McCauley feeling alone - orphaned. He's always had his mom to cook for him, do his laundry - even change his bed! For a man who outwardly acts like a playboy (and was even married for a while) he's just been a boy who lived with his mother.

because of the same factor that makes him think that real court trials should be like what he sees on Law & Order: a lack of patience with actually having to figure things out for himself when making a snap judgment that saves him time is so much easier. This tendency to breeze through life not really knowing who the people around him are costs him too damned much and makes him a worse, stupider person than he should be.
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