dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Why Melody and Paula really had to disappear.

As we all know, we're a short while away from the last real appearances of Paula and Melody. While Melody does get mentioned next year when her tooth fairy ls less cheap than Elly is, Paula disappears into the ether without a trace after being a disruptive irritant trying to ruin Elly's life or what the Hell ever. As I've said before, we're dealing with something that's been a factor since the dawn eras: Elly making the lunatic mistake of thinking that if her children invoke the opinions of their peers when talking about the fruit of her efforts, not only do they hate her and all the love in her great big heart, said other children are trying to take over her life or some insane stupid thing. You and I all know that Paula What-the-Hell-ever has no more of an agenda than saying "Lookit what I got...NYEEEAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!" in an effort to punish Lizzie for the same treason another snotty brat who needed a tall cool glass of "Get over yourself, Martian" thought Gerald was committing when he wanted to be around competent people who gave a shit about things. She certainly has no idea that she's thought of as trying to dictate to someone else's mother and, well, it's a good thing that she and Elly never met because the second she denied trying to overthrow adult authority, we'd have Elly yell "LIAR!!!!" before having to read the headline "Area woman arrested for child battery."

Melody's reason for going away is far simpler and far stupider: she lives in a different neighbourhood and her mother would rather pick her up from the Pattermanse than let Elly have to endure her little girl's poor sense of direction. It occurs to me that Mrs Morrison is the sort of 'weak', 'spineless' mother who is a horrible sucker who's been defeated because she looks at her child and thinks 'I love her but she'd get hopelessly lost in a walk-in closet. There's nothing I can do about it because I'm not a crazy idiot like Lizzie's mother who thinks that when children screw it, they're trying to destroy their parents.' Since Melody's mother doesn't love her enough to try to shout away a character flaw, Melody has to go lest her children question her loving bellowing, lecturing, tantrum-throwing, telling them to their faces that they can never please her ever and trivialization of their feelings. Also, Mrs Morrison doesn't want her kid's head torn clean off should she spill grape juice on something.
Tags: boomer lens-cap stupidity, elly versus children

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