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Elly, the rage-filled tooth fairy.

The interesting thing about the last strip in which Melody Morrison was mentioned is that it came as part of a wider arc about Lizzie losing a baby tooth. While it might appear at first glance that the nadir of it was Elly being angry and gobsmacked that Lizzie is holding out for more dough because of the whole "Why does MY child have to fit in with the crowd? Doesn't she want to prove that she loves me by getting eaten alive by the mean girls?" horseshit that hoves into view every time Elly confuses wanting very much to avoid being made to feel like shit for not fitting in with the herd with laughing cruelly at her as they renounce her because every God-damned thing is a referendum on if they love her but it is not.

The low point comes into play because Lizzie wants to actually catch the tooth fairy in action (because she's seven) and tried to find various hiding places to make that happen. One of those hiding places happened to be the hole it fell out of and, well, she ended up swallowing it. This is a rather odd little scrape that made her feel foolish and afraid that the tooth fairy would not come and she'd be on the outside looking in again. Elly's reaction to this is, sadly, classic Elly: boiling over with rage because once again, her children are trying to ruin her because the alternative is that she's a raging asshole whose rage-filled overreaction to every little thing is proof that her mother is right about her STILL being a spoiled brat who thinks she's the axis about which the world rotates. From Elly's perspective, this is not a dumb kid who did something dumb without meaning to. Since that would mean that not everything in the God-damned world is about Elly Patterson, this is really a crafty kid who tried to trick her poooooooor mother out of a quarter because a good child who loved her mother and didn't worship chaos would have not inconvenienced her by doing something silly and expecting to be reassured. This leaves me wishing that the real payoff of this arc would have involved the sudden arrival of a large Russian man telling her "Give teeth to Russian tooth fairy! Those are the People's teeth for ALL to share!" Granted, having RED Heavy come along and punch Elly's teeth out would not have cured her of the lunatic misapprehension that her blind-eyed idiot children were plotting her destruction when they make a moronic blunder like this but it would be rather cathartic.
Tags: elly patterson: universal imbecile., elly versus children

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