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On thinking horrible thoughts about children forever.

The sad thing is that Elly seems to have learned nothing at all from the debacle with Lizzie's tooth. This is because two years later, we find her standing around berating a child any fool could tell her felt bad about mislaying her eyeglasses about how stupid and clumsy and thoughtless and mean she was for wanting her poor mother to go broke buying eyeglasses in bulk to spread chaos and to prove how much she hated her mother and yadda-yadda-yadda. John's attempt to defuse the situation by appealing to reason, reality and the fact that Lizzie was freaked out by this fell on deafened ears because of a very sad and stupid reason: Elly doesn't especially want to listen to herself or think about how she appears to her children.

After all, listening to herself and picturing how she must appear to the kids yields a depressing and terrifying picture of a vain, self-absorbed and stupid bully screaming at sitting duck victims because she doesn't care about anything but herself and her needs. The children have to be monsters trying to ruin her life because the alternative is that she's a belligerent, insensitive, self-centered and thoughtless nincompoop who needs to make every little thing about her at any cost and that would be terrible. After all, her mother would be right about why her children act the way they do and that would be horrible. If she's just this big, angry dope who lives to take offense and overreact to every little thing to make herself feel big and important at her kid's expense, she's also a stupid buffoon trying to do other futile things because she's too dumb to see life for what it is. Why, she couldn't even talk Farley into not acting like a dog if she were just this loud, obnoxious bonehead nailing herself to her cross because her children are fallible and messy.
Tags: elly patterson: universal imbecile., elly versus children, explaining elly as well

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