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Elly gets framed.

Of course, the real payoff of all of this screaming about eyeglasses is having to realize that Elly spent an inordinate amount of time trying to deny that she herself had less than perfect vision. Eyeglasses, you see, do nothing for her looks because they remind her that she bears a remarkable physical similarity to Marian. This is bad because when she thinks of her mother, she sees a mean OLD lady who never let her do anything and always took Phil's side and was never proud of her no matter what everyone who knew her said.

That's right. I went there and I brought back souvenirs: having to remind herself of how much in common she has with her mother might lead her to a dangerous area that would be bad for her self-concept as the victim of a super-villain mother. We know that it's not really different when she applies a double standard to how the children are raised. We know that she also thought that if she actively praised the children, they'd simply stop trying to do things and die in a pool of their own filth. We know that she imposed the same sort of arbitrary rules that she bristled under because of the same concern for their well-being. We know that she was also crippled by self-doubt. What we also know is that she shares with Mike the sullen misapprehension that mothers are horrible tyrants that only have children so they can have someone to tyrannize. Admitting that she has all those things in common with Marian means having to look back at her past and see herself as the exasperating dimwit Mike is now and that would be just terrible. Almost as terrible as having to admit that her past, present and future are not grim struggles for survival. You can't be special if you're just a bored housewife living a cozy little life who wants more than she has now.
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