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The body, the language and hating those who have both.

Of course, Elly has what she believes to be a really good answer when confronted with the terrible idea that she and her mother could be mistaken for clones because they do the same things for the same reasons. Said answer is puffing herself up, looking as if you've accused her of axe murder and claiming that when she does things to her kids that she hated when her mother did them to her, she's not doing it for the same reason. She's not some evil old witch who hates children and only had a daughter to have someone to push around and mistreat and tear down because she's heartless, no, not her.

The example I intend re-using is her need to step on the relationship Mike and Martha had. Any major dude would be able to tell you that it was going to go exactly nowhere that wasn't Michael squealing about how cruel it was that he wasn't the one to end it because the deluded clod was going to take Martha for granted and ignore her feelings and drive her into the arms of someone who paid attention to her. Elly insisted on believing that they were too close and going too fast and too far and if she didn't stop it, this person who was obviously a gold-digger bent on ruining Mike's future and not some harmless little girl whose only real crime is reminding an angry idiot about her own blighted social life would destroy everything she had worked for. Mike would eventually thank him for her working on his behalf to save him from the girl with the dangerous body language because she's a responsible mother, not a panicky old grouch who's reading far too much into a harmless little dalliance like her crazy old fossil of a mother.

This, of course, is not the only instance in which Elly can simultaneously roll her eyes at the memory of a mother who never let her do anything because she was a panicky tyrant who let her fear of the unfamiliar screw up her daughter's life AND BE a panicky tyrant who's letting her fear of loss of control mess up Mike, Liz and April's life. Marian couldn't see the world clearly but she can because the alternative is that she's as blind and stupid as her mother used to be because she too thinks that assuming the very worst is a substitute for having a brain.
Tags: elly versus marian, elly versus self-awareness

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