dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

On unsympathetic victimhood: Mike gets dumped first forever.

Of course, Elly had help sacrificing the Mike and Martha pairing on the heathen altar of whining "But that's DIFFERENT!!!" As I've said before, Mike helped out loads by assuming that while he should have been allowed to let what his posse of irrelevant moron friends might have thought do things, Martha had no real right to allow her social circle interfere because he was inconvenienced. Eventually, he took her for granted and she fell into the arms of someone who simulated giving a shit about her feelings better and then declared that he must have made her up because the alternative is admitting to be a moron who deserves nothing but scorn and mockery for the stupid way he mishandled things and his stupid whining about how magically, he was the victim because he didn't have control of the situation.

He also needs a kick to the teeth for being a doofus because he's blaming the wrong person for the collapse of something that wouldn't have survived much past graduation in the first place. Simply put, he had a lot in common with the person whose agenda he witlessly followed in that Elly also allows her fears, vanity and insecurity to make her act against her own best interests. Just as her dread of a world in which her opinion doesn't matter makes her into someone no one wants to listen to because all they get is her guano, Mike let himself get suckered into suspecting Martha's good faith because he's too vain and silly to be able to trust anyone.
Tags: unsympathetic victim theatre

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