dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

On unwitting fealty and reading between the lines.

Looking back at the whole ungodly mess with Mike's break-up with Martha, it's hard to say that either of them really came out ahead. While it's kind of obvious that Mike spent an inordinate amount of time thinking of Martha as some sort of schemer who jerked him around, the plain fact is that Mike blew hot and cold and she got sick of it and got defamed by a callow, self-absorbed dope who has the ugly habit of thinking that having to take into account how another person might feel about coming in a distant second to a learner's permit is a threat to his dignity and self-respect and manhood. Eventually, she became the second coming of Connie Poirier.

Mike also lost because he clearly learned the wrong damned thing from the whole deal. He went into the relationship worried that she wanted to make a great big fool of him and since he can't possibly admit that he'd played his cards atrociously or that he's an insensitive clod who thinks that only he is allowed to have feelings, this is what he saw: someone who had somehow tricked him into thinking that he loved her when he didn't really know what love actually was. This foreshadowing of Liz's making Paul up set him up to fail miserably AND blame the victim again AND do something else not in his best interests: wish that he'd listened to his mother about these horrible tricky people who wanted to keep him from living his life.

That's right. I went there and I brought back some souvenirs. Elly is the only person who can be said to have won the horrible little game Mike was playing. She got to have her suspicion that every girl who made her feel inadequate is out to hurt people, she got to convince a dumbass that she has wisdom and she managed to get him to live the life she'd picked out for him instead of one that might actually suit him. The worst of it is that Mike is too blasted stupid to see that he was in the clutches of a selfish manipulator all of his life and has turned his back on a means of escape twice. Such is the penalty of being worried about all the wrong things.
Tags: failure is the only option, freefloating commentary

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