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John and the inlaws.

If you will recall, what touched off this look at how John is the engine that drives the chaos we see in the strip is the strip in which he makes a big stupid deal out of the very minor inconvenience of Elly's misplacing his precious God damned screwdriver. It seems to me that the household would have been a less oppressive place were someone to have the authority to kick John's stupid ass when he gets all bolshy. This would be the very positive benefit of introducing John to his rightful place in the world: on the floor picking up his teeth after he gets a good bollocking.

This is why I lament the fact that Paul Wright had to go away. He's a big guy and he doesn't have time for anyone's shit so if John started acting like a pompous twerp throwing his weight around and talking like an asshole, Paul's foot would transform to his foot with John's ass around it. Sadly, John is instinctively aware of the menace of love interests that have no time for his shit and don't make that a secret. If a Paul Wright were to have his way, he'd have to admit that he never deserved his great big fucking cookie and should be ashamed of lording it over people and that would be terrible. This is why John prefers people like Anthony who don't give him the bollocking he's always needed and who he can menace. It's why he prefers a Deanna to a Rhetta who would also have poured him a cool glass of shut the fuck up and a get over yourself chaser. Finally, it's also kind of why he was secretly relieved that Jim had a stroke. Even at eighty, Chinnuts could still easily have taken John.
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