dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

How to make a Lizardbreath, Part Two.

To explain what I mean by this 'war on individuality' business, I'd like to remind you that Elly has two annoying habits that proceed from her being a vain, insane, panicky and emotionally fragile dingleberry who should have never been allowed access to small children. The first annoying habit is her witless belief that if a child disagrees with her to the least degree, he or she is trying to destroy her because he or she hates her. The example that comes readiest to mind is Mike getting into trouble he doesn't need or deserve because he's trying to point out how she made a botch of his space alien costume and how that would get him eaten alive. He's trying to explain what's going on, she's all outraged and despairing because he rejects her love because why else do people point out what she's doing wrong. The second annoying habit is her need to keep the children from somehow disgracing her by calling attention to themselves; we see a great example of this when she thinks terrible thoughts about needle-nosed meddlers and baulking children at Easter parades. We see a stupid woman trying to force a terrified child into doing something she doesn't want to because she mistakenly thinks that's the point. She sees a manipulative monster child and a hateful snob destroying her chance to be taken seriously because she channels dead crazy people.

It so happens that there is a third annoying habit that first came into view when she wailed idiotically about where her baby went when Lizzie started to develop signs of a personality. To her, the horror of being talked back to and being walked all over by children who actually saw themselves as people in their own right instead of extensions of her will was being inflicted on her all over again. Why do her children hate her and reject the love in her heart by acting as if anyone else but her was allowed to define who and what they are? They should love her and admit that teachers, other children, the media and they themselves are not fit to decide who they should be because to disagree with her in the slightest means a total rejection of her and total hatred of her because Mommy is as mentally stable as Betty "Psychotrooper" Cooper.

Apply that sort of bat-shit insane thinking to a naturally timid child like Lizzie and you'll see why the Hell she was always the blandest, least interesting person in her circle of friends. Everyone else had a distinct personality and a hook to make them compelling characters. Liz was a bland pile of nothing because Mommy can't deal with anything like conflict. Hell, Elly managed to browbeat her way into stealing Liz's happy ending. Instead of coming into her own and becoming someone interesting, she was saved from that to become a bland copy of her gutless halfwit mother and wound up liking it....thereby making her the Winston Smith of the funny pages.
Tags: elly patterson, lizzie the isolated, universal imbecile

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