dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

April is from Mars, Elly is up her anus.

You will no doubt have noticed that Elly justifies her obsessive, toxic need to suppress her children's individuality by flailing her limbs and wailing idiotically about preserving their youth and innocence. Mike and Lizzie couldn't dress as punk rockers because that clearly meant that they wanted to turn their backs on happiness and goodness and so on and so forth because the alternative was admitting that she was just a petty nitwit who was jealous that someone who wasn't her got to decide what her kids wore. We are currently in an early round of Elly's blind panic about how children want to grow up too fast and leave her alone and old and forgotten because the deluded mental pygmy needs to feel miserable and victimized in order to justify herself to herself.

The reason that I mention this is that were we to raise the curtain on the Patterson family, we are going to have to endure Elly sitting in her kitchen wailing to Connie about her concerns as regards April. It makes too much sense to assume that Elly is engaged in petulant whining and idiotic hand wringing because she's too stupid and stubborn to admit that April has a damned good reason not to be in close contact with a dough-headed mother who made little secret of her belief that she ruined everyone's lives by being born. Given Connie's own stupid entitlement issues and on-going outrage at a son who won't allow her to be an insane mother of the bride, she'll have the same anti-child sympathetic ear as they whine about how terrible and cruel and ungrateful children are trying to be people in their own right to be unfair to their imbecile mothers. It matters not that Mike and Liz have been reduced to pathetic freaks eager to curry favour with a monster mother who wants to wrap them in Mother's final loving garment (viz. 'the winding sheet') as long as someone stubbornly refuses to see the love and care and generosity that wants to smash down the barriers to admitting that only Elly gets to define what she is despite the fact that it was her stupidity that eventually led to Farley's death. More on that next.
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