dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Elly, Farley and how to mess up a dog.

As you know, it's been my working theory that Marian's hatred of dogs led to great suffering for all. Every so often, I show up with another pious lecture about how she attacked a symbol of her shitty childhood and cursed the world with a daughter who grew up not being able to understand dogs. This led inevitably to her passing that ignorance down to stupid children who treated Farley like crap and that led to a stupid, preventable death that taught a child a bad lesson about mortality. Recent events have caused me to reconsider this position because the reason blaming Marian is bullshit is that Marian could have been a dog person and Elly still would have assumed that a dog is a short person in a suit because she's too dumb to live.

After all, we're dealing with a moron who wrote an angry poem TO a colicky six month old child who barely realized that he himself was a person begging him to pleeeeeease stop being sick and terrified and angry so she could pleeeeeease sleep because she will die thinking new borns have the agenda 'destroy Mommy'; getting her to admit that she could never talk Farley into doing what she wanted is as likely as getting her to admit that cats aren't evil monsters because they don't listen to her screaming at them any more than her children do. Elly does not want to admit that she's doing something futile and stupid based on total ignorance of the world because that would make her a moron.

Hell, she can't even admit that she should have done a better job of securing her property so he and the kids couldn't get out into open traffic to kill themselves. She talks about April toppling into the river and Farley being fated to die heroically there because the alternative is admitting personal responsibility when it comes time to assign blame. Unlike a Patterson, I would not have taken the bet that a heroic dog would do my parenting for me. After all, Farley could just as easily have dragged April under as buoyed her because a dog isn't a person.
Tags: farley: chew toy of fate

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