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On discharging energy and being a bad role model

If you'll indulge me, I'd like to remind you of one of the saddest strips from the very early years. As we see here, Elly would rather bellow angrily at people who can't do anything about a problem than to do something horrible like actually confront someone who's irritating her. In her mind, complaining to the responsible party is futile because she's surrounded by people who don't actually want to apologize for what they do because they don't see themselves as being in the wrong. Her mother sincerely believed that she had to be cruel to Elly to be kind and John is an assbucket and proud of it so she has to resort to screaming at people who aren't to blame for things.

The reason that I reminded you of this misplaced aggression is because of something Elly is at pains to not admit to: her children actually are paying attention to her and actually imitate how she handles a crisis situation because it's all they actually know. When they see her give up on something because she gets bored and frustrated because she's not immediately good at it, they think that they're allowed to. If they see her make a big fat deal out of something she'd rather not do, they think that they should make a production of something. If they see her eat messily, use terrible English and get angry over very little, they should be able to do that as well. Finally, if they see her attack a symbol of a problem because she can't win against the real target of her rage, Lizzie has to be treated like garbage because Elly won't listen to Mike when he says that she makes him feel worthless. (More on that and what Mike brings to the failure party tomorrow.)
Tags: elly patterson: moron parent

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