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The first of Mike's three failure points: Neediness

Of course, if we want to look at sad, sad strips from the Elly chases after children era, we need look no farther than the 'YOU ARE ASKING FOR A SMACK!!!!/I wanted a hug" debacle. As Donald Fagen would say, any major dude could tell you that this confrontation was doomed to repeat itself because of certain key facts about the combatants. First, we have Elly. She's disorganized, she's easily frustrated, she can't deal with distractions and the presence of other people in her environment angers her because she fears and hates the idea of being touched. Next, we have Michael. He needs reassurance and he's sort of not swift enough to realize that Elly isn't a television mother but a flawed human being who's really rather piss-poor at figuring out why people do what they do because she's really rather stupid. She assumes that since he's driving her up the wall, that MUST be what he wants to do because it saves her having to do something she stinks at: thinking.

This need to not really think because doing so would cause her to look in the mirror and see a vain, angry imbecile who brings her trouble on herself blinds her to one of Michael's three primary character flaws: his almost bottomless hunger for approval and affection. We don't have to look much farther than Elly screaming about how horrible it is that Lizzie wants to interrupt Mommy's IMPORTANT work to make her play with baby forever to realize that when Mike was an infant reaching for her, Elly was her haptophobic self recoiling in horror and disgust from him. Always and ever, Mike asked if he was loved or wanted and always and ever, Elly ducked the question or bade him think about how mean he was being to the baby and always and ever, the need to act out just to have someone be in his presence grew. Eventually, his second key flaw started him thinking that everyone, Mom included, was jealous of what a great kid he was and wanted to keep him miserable but deep down, he's still that little boy whose mother shrinks in horror from him because she cannot bear human contact. I'll get to that odd little flaw next.
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