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Misaimed moral outrage.

As we know, Michael had the devil's own time learning mathematics. While Elly ascribed it to wanting to defer a necessity because he wants to waste time playing that should be spent working, I think that we're dealing with something very weird: his ascribing moral force to an inapplicable subject.

To explain myself, you will have noticed that while three times two yields the same answer as two times three, three divided by two is not the same thing as two divided by three. If you think that a trick has been played on you by a mean person, you're Mike. If you think that people are being unfair if they insist that fifty percent of something is always going to be half of something because maybe sometimes fifty percent of something wants to be something else for a change, you're Mike. If you think that the very existence of negative numbers is just another way of telling you that you're not allowed to be happy and have what everyone else has because you're being mean to Lizzie, you, sir or madam, are the same messed up jerk Mike is.

This is because, as I've said before, Michael has a sense of right and wrong but since he's crazy and transfixed by the notion that the world is plotting to ruin him and laugh at him because no one wants to love him because everyone loves Lizzie best and she can't do nothin', it's directed at silly and pointless things. This leads to great suffering because he rages pointlessly away at crap that doesn't matter. This default suspicion that people just love to torment him because the world is cruel and it hates him leads directly to his own unique path to being a terrible judge of character.
Tags: mike patterson: universal idiot

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