dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The barnacle child grows up: Liz's key defect.

The interesting thing about Liz and why she doesn't have many friends is that Lynn diagnoses her problem as a sort of baffling shyness. While active Mike seeks out safety in numbers in the hope that as part of a herd, he can be protected from the grasping maternal hands that haunt his nightmares of total dispossesion, more timid Lizzie lets her own nightmare image of a looming shape of malice that strikes without warning make her hesitant to join a social circle. What this tells me is that instead of a playmate, she's just looking for another ankle to cling to and to keep the monsters at bay. Since she doesn't like the idea of the ankle deciding on its own and she reallly likes to be the sole center of attention because she got used to being Daddy's little girl, the idea that she has to share attention with someone else terrifies, confuses and angers her. She doesn't know why she's a jealous and demanding petty tyrant filled with self-loathing because people have better things to do than to fawn over an insecure hot mess, she just is.

We're going to see that need to be the sole center of a friend's life come into play during junior high when she decides that the only reason that being a huffy dingbat deciding that there can only be one best friend is wrong is that she's supposed to be the one delivering the big, stupid, selfish ultimatum. She might piss and moan about how Mike doesn't like having her tagging along and how bad it is that he doesn't like to share but at the end of the day, the idea that she isn't the center of everyone's existence angers her. How DARE Dawn have a friend who isn't her and how dare everyone else come along and call her a jealous creep who thinks that she should just adjust to a life where she isn't being fawned over and being given hugs and candy for breathing and finally, how dare April come along and try to make her feel bad about Jesse making her feel good about herself. Being blamed and taking personal responsibility for what happens to her is for picky-faces, ugly brothers and evil ice machine career women who aren't there, never for her. We'll see how this refusal to listen to herself led to her romantic problems next.
Tags: liz the toxic, lizardbreath: complete dunderhead

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