dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Anthony and Howard: What should have been....

It struck me as somewhat odd that a scrawny little guy like Anthony could repel a tank like Howard Bunt by tweaking his ear and telling him to run lest he get a pink-belly or the dreaded rear admiral. By all rights, Howard should have been able to pound the tar out of Anthony. What's more, life would have beeen better if he had. Liz could have easily slipped away to get help while Anthony as getting pulverized, help that could have stood a chance subduing his attacker until the police showed up. While he was in he ICU recovering from his beating, the big dumb mastadon who whupped him would have his lawyer telling him to eat a life sentence for the indictable offence of Attempted Murder in the First Degree and enjoy it. His heroism would also not be tainted by making a pass at Liz or cajoling her to commit adultery. I could even see an airing of mutual grievances between Liz and Thérèse that might lead her to become, if not a friend of the Pattersons, a sort of Doctor Ted-like tolerated acquaintance who'd have to be helped with her marital woes. The Breath herself might have to deal with some personal demons which could have lead to her living a more ineresting life someplace that isn't Milborough. A realistic fight would not have lead to a Merry Little Setlepocalypse but it would have been far more entertaining.
Tags: blandthony, milbo althist

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