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On how you lay the blame: Liz versus personal responsibility.

Of course, Lizardbreath isn't just a bad friend who makes absurd demands of her friends without having to do something terrible like reciprocate. I can remember a sequence where she does a slow burn because she thinks she's being exploited only to look foolish because her pals paid for their meal that's best explained by her assuming that people who want her to do things are terrible people. This tendency to be a demanding, self-centered petty tyrant who thinks that she's the bride at every wedding, baby at every christening and corpse at every funeral also makes her a rather shitty girlfriend. Let's review what she did and how they reacted:

  • When she was playing house with Eric, she made annoying demands about cleaning their living space and pretending that they weren't cohabiting. This led to him cheating on her with someone else.
  • She seemed to assume that if Warren were really interested in her, he would have no problem with using someone else's helicopter as her personal air taxi. Since he had obligations that weren't catering to her, she started to eye the door and he found a less clingy, self-righteous person to love.
  • She demaned that Paul prove he loved her by transfering over and over again; for some reason, he took this as a cue to cheat on her with Susan Dokis.
  • The reason any of these three men showed up is that for some reason, she had to break it off with Anthony because for some reason, he thought that it was not fair that it was just him that had to interrupt his busy schedule at her convenience. This caused him to date and marry a terrible person who cruelly told Liz that no, she couldn't just go and do whatever she wanted without thinking of the rights and needs of other people.

While Lynn clearly intends this to mean that men are cheaters by nature and have to be sternly policed, at some point, it (as howtheduck said) becomes obvious that just maybe, the problem is not with the men but with the woman if the same thing keeps happening for the same damned reason. What all four men have in common is that Liz barges into their lives making endless demands of them and crying her eyes out about how cruel people are to expect her to reciprocate. Her confidently insisting that she 'made Paul up' to explain the collapse of that relationship shows us why she protects herself from admitting that she fucked up royally. Rather than admit to be a flighty dingdong with a bottomless appetite for flattery and a distinct aversion to feeling remorse, she allowed as how she was too in love with being in love to see that he was made of snow and would melt. Anything is better than actually listening to herself...as I'll get to tomorrow.
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