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Liz's arms' length world.

The interesting thing about Liz is having to read her letters and be reminded that the little voice inside of her head has always been telling her to keep everyone off of her island on the off chance she might get hurt. This reminds us that while John has always been driven by arrogance, Elly by anger and Mike (and, I'm sorry to say, April as well) by depression, Liz's key emotion is fear of loss. This is why she sulked and moaned because Dawn wanted more than one friend, it's why she has a blind hatred of Therese because she closed off a possibility without even considering her needs and it might even be why Francoise's harmless wordplay terrified the Hell out of her. Always and ever, people are cruel and heartless and expect her to meet them half-way on an issue when they're all supposed to just give her what she wants because she's cute.

Of course, Liz is not really aware that she expects to trade off her looks and hopes that people will just let her do whatever she wants because mushhead John was flattered by her vaguely unsettling behaviour towards him and let her get away with blue murder. She's no more aware of that than the insane jealous streak that taints the way she deals with the people around her or her need to attack and defame people who get in her way. To be aware of a negative self-tendency means actually listening to the voice within and doing so is bad because it says the same hurtful things her ugly brother does about how she can't have her cake and eat it too. It's like the end of my favourite Red Green in which Ranger Gord finally finds out that he'd been out of a job for fifteen years and was basically squatting in a fire tower for no reason. Red was at pains to have people take it easy on him for wasting his life only to find Gord had a plan to produce cheesy public service announcements. Gord commented on the fact that nothing in town had changed at all since he went into the woods, they had the meeting and Red started to talk about how maybe people just don't want to think about things too hard lest they realize that they've wasted their lives on something stupid. For just a second, he started to realize that he was pissing his life away in that damned lodge only to sink back in to a happy cloud of denial. Liz doesn't want to look back at her past because she doesn't want to see that her oblivious nature and infantile jealousy are why all those men shopped around for a better deal and why everyone thinks she's a flake.
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