dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Lizardbreath: the hero's reward.

As we know, the oddest thing happens when Miss Keen Senses lets the self-loathing and insecurity that not being handed free stuff because she's cute any longer blind her to the fact that Anthony has a yen for her; said thing is that our lad has made her the subject of a creepy and weird rescue fantasy that has as its core concept the idea that being grateful to be saved obviates her having a personality and hopes and dreams of her own as well as his having to wonder about who the person he's crushing on actually is. He saved her and there's the end of it so anything like compatibility or consideration for her is a luxury.

If this is sounding mighty familiar, let's remind us that John took the Devil's own time realizing that who the Hell Elly is and what the Hell she wanted out of life might be something he'd want to look in to because, as he saw it, he rescued her from the scary, awful labour force and all the other scary awful things that were bad for her that hormones had to make her want because otherwise, she'd be grateful and not make baffling noise about hating being a maid, nanny and cook and wanting to make a real difference like he did. By the time this happened, she got bored running her business because winning is no fun and he wound up wondering what it was all for. This means that by 2030 at the earliest, Anthony might start to realize that Liz isn't anything like the Liz in his head because Nice Guys™ figure life out last.
Tags: anthony is john is john is anthony

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