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To continue merrily on with my look at how Carrie's well-meaning but horribly ill-phrased attempt to assure April that she's not guilty of deliberate dog murder makes her a sort of outlier within a family of buck passers who blame everyone but themselves for their problems (John blames the chaos on people trying to overthrow his rightful rule, Elly and Mike blame a conspiracy of evil people who want to keep them down, Liz blames fate and evil career women, etc.), I should even think that this tendency envenoms her rivalry with Becky. While outwardly, she looks like another Patterson who doesn't like the idea of not stomping around bellowing "I'm in charge!" every three seconds or so because of an exaggerated belief in the family's importance, I sometimes think that she's really motivated by a stupid nightmare fantasy that's pretty much a load of bullshit that kind of explains why she takes crap from Eva Warzone.

After all, someone who didn't secretly think that she deserved to have her expiration date checked by that bane of human existence called "Snotty, Sheltered And Pig-Ignorant Teenaged Girl Who, Despite Not Having Lived Long Enough To Have A Valid Opinion About Anything, Feels Free To Irritate People Shouting Her Worthless Decrees At Passers-By" (also known as 'Brenda Walsh') would probably have told Eva to shove her beefing about crap she didn't know anything about up her arse. Said someone probably has a nightmare in which she's exposed to all the world as a dog murderer because she didn't understand what a dozy old bat who didn't know how to talk to kids meant by never going someplace dangerous alone and what she also meant by Farley giving up his life for her. At some point, Becky will rally them behind her because she didn't kill a dog because she listened and that would be it for April. The problem with that is that she lives in the real-ish world which means that some point, Becky might have realized this and told the Martian "FOR GOD'S SAKE!!!! IT'S THE FAULT OF THE LAZY IDIOT FORGOT TO SECURE THE DAMNED GATE!!! GET SOME THERAPY!!!" and destroyed her credibility that way. Instead of worrying about being exposed as Killer Of Dogs, Picky-Face should be worried about being exposed as a crazy nitwit worrying about a bullshit fantasy apocalypse (also known as a Patterson.)
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