dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

On tiny gated communities and stupidity-maintaining puns.

Another irritating habit Anthony seems to have in common with John is parenting out of fear and by intimidation. While I don't like the idea of his tiny little gulag, his telling a child "Kiss Lizzie's ass or Santa won't come" or his playing mean-spirited trick of making Francoise think he'd cut off his finger on impressionable child, what really annoys me is that he shares with John the aggravating habit of using stupid puns to keep children from knowing things.

As we see here, John outed himself as someone who defended himself against the 'humiliation' of being ignorant and stupid by pulling crap out of his arse. We all know John is all about avoiding looking foolish but what we lose sight of is that he and Anthony share the same idiotic and hateful trait: the fear of their children knowing much at all. As I've said before, John fears his children because he's transfixed by a bullshit nightmare fantasy in which they live to destroy and embarrass him and the only way to prevent that nonsense apocalypse is to keep them ignorant of an outside world in which his opinion is, well, what it is and always was: absobloodylutely useless. The same process seems to be going on in the Caine house because Anthony fears a world in which everyone leaves him crying for his mama because his asshole dad was shit at explaining what a starter marriage was.

What this means is that both men have the same habit that should in any world dedicated to justice, decency and honour get them both road-dragged until they're nothing but pelvises wearing white belts of using what they falsely assume to be childhoods of bleak deprivation to deny people things they know they deserve.
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